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  • We started operations in New York in 1995. Shortly thereafter, we launched our expansion, opening offices in Latin America. We have more than 20 years of experience in the investment industry and more than 300 professionals.

  • We currently manage, advise and distribute over US$40 billions (data of December 2019)

  • We hold strategic alliances with renowned international asset managers that enable us to cover each region and sector of investment with best in class product offering.



  • Portfolio managers and strategists with extensive investment experience and wide network of contacts in Latin America
  • “Bottom-up” analysis developed by a research team of more than 30 professionals with boots on the ground local expertise
  • “Top-down” view generated by strategists and reflected in the “Tactical Asset Allocation Committee”

Investments Strategist


All and Small Cap Latin America

  • Pioneers in the management of small cap equities in Latin America
  • High tracking error
  • Taking advantage of the domestic drivers and commodity cycles

Andean and country specific

  • Research teams in New York, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Argentina
  • Portfolio construction based on high conviction and not on indices

Fixed Income

Latin American corporate debt

  • “Best ideas” / high conviction focus
  • High yield bias
  • Significant off-index exposure

Alternative Investment

Real Estate and Factoring

  • Real estate vehicles in Peru, Mexico and Uruguay
  • Leasing and Factoring in Peru


More than 20 years of experience providing advice to Latin American institutional and high equity investors in the management of their investments.

Institutional Advisory Services

  • We satisfy the sophisticated needs of larger institutions by way of the offering and development of investment products and services
  • Broad access to our investment intelligence: strategists, portfolio managers and analysts
  • Broad access to international managers with renowned globally prestige
  • Advisory services in the allocation of assets within and outside Latin America
  • Advisory service in selecting both local and international investment vehicles

Global Distribution

We are leaders in Latin America in the distribution of local and international funds and ETFs.
Currently we have strategic alliances in place with prestigious international firms.