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  • One of the main independent investment advisors in Latin America.

  • 25 years of experience investing in Latin America. Founded in New York in 1995 and we currently have 9 offices across the region.

  • Over US$41bn* in assets under management, advisory, and distribution.

    (Data from Compass Group Holdings SA, Joint Ventures and affiliate companies as of December 31, 2020)

  • Over 300 employees in the región and over 50 investment professionals.

  • Partners with 25 years of industry experience and over 16 years working together.


  • Investment Specialists

    • Asset manager with focus on Latin America
    • Global investment advisory

  • Solely focused on the client

    • No proprietary book
    • No securities underwriting

  • Partners Involvement

    • Partners with 25 years of industry experience and over 16 years working together
    • Actively involved across all business units
  • “Glocal”

    • Local teams servicing global clients
    • Professional Latin American network with local and global experience


Specialists in Latin American Asset Management

How we add value?

  • Latin American focus for over 25 years
  • Ability to exploit informational, analytical, and liquidity inefficiencies in Latin American capital markets
  • Deep small cap equity and high yield credit expertise
  • Security selection drives Alpha generation
    • Bottom up, original and on-the-ground-research
    • Top down views to frame risk
  • High conviction, concentrated portfolios and long-term approach
    • Portfolios tend to have less risk than underlying asset class
  • ESG considerations integrated into research and investment process (View Responsible Investment Policy document)

Strategies Managed by Compass Group


Latin America

  • Latin American Opportunities
  • Latin American Domestic Themes

Country – Specific

  • Mexican Equities
  • Chilean Equities
  • Argentinean Equities
  • Peruvian Equities


Latin America

  • Latin American Corporate Debt
  • Latin American High Yield
  • Latin American Investment Grade

Country – Specific

  • Mexican Fixed Income
  • Chilean Fixed Income
  • Argentinean Fixed Income
  • Brazilian Fixed Income

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

  • Latin American Private Credit Opportunities
  • Peruvian Private Credit

Real Estate Development

  • Peruvian Development
  • Uruguayan Development
  • Mexican Development
  • Chilean Development
  • Colombian Development



Integrated advisory services to private wealth clients and family offices

How we add value?

  • An institutional firm serving Latin American private clients
  • Service highly focused on specific customer needs
  • Partners are fully involved in the business
  • Open architecture, providing access to the best vehicles to design investment solutions
  • Research teams based in New York and Latin America doing asset allocation, manager selection, performance monitoring and risk control

Discretionary Advisory

  • Investment mandate according to each client’s risk/return profile
  • Active management of local and international component, and instrument selection
  • Our independence allows us to find the best investment managers available

Non – Discretionary Advisory

  • Global Brokerage Services providing access to sophisticated investment ideas and excellent execution of transactions
  • Open architecture allows access to vast pricing sources, products and instruments in all markets
  • Vast access to our “Investment Intelligence”: Strategists, Portfolio Managers and Analysts

Integral Advisory of Consolidated Portfolios

  • Multi Family Office Services
  • Consolidation of Portfolios in custody by different institutions
  • Efficient management and multiple investment portfolios monitoring
  • Centralization of family management administration


Advisory to institutional and intermediary clients, providing access to world-class managers

How we add value?

  • Largest placement agent in Latin America with over USD 24b in assets under distribution*
  • Leading position in distribution to Latin American financial advisors and intermediaries
  • Advice on global asset allocation through TAACo (Tactical Asset Allocation Committee) and use of fund selection tools
  • Deep knowledge of the regulatory framework and active participation in the development and evolution of capital markets in Latin America
  • Only point of contact for customers to access our intelligence and products and the “Investment Intelligence” of managers
          *(Data as of December 31, 2020)