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  • One of the main independent investment advisors in Latin America.

  • 25 years of experience investing in Latin America. Founded in New York in 1995 and we currently have 9 offices across the region.

  • Over US$41bn* in assets under management, advisory, and distribution.

    (Data from Compass Group Holdings SA, Joint Ventures and affiliate companies as of December 31, 2020)

  • Over 300 employees in the región and over 50 investment professionals.

  • Partners with 25 years of industry experience and over 16 years working together.


  • Investment Specialists

    • Asset manager with focus on Latin America
    • Global investment advisory

  • Solely focused on the client

    • No proprietary book
    • No securities underwriting

  • Partners Involvement

    • Partners with 25 years of industry experience and over 16 years working together
    • Actively involved across all business units
  • “Glocal”

    • Local teams servicing global clients
    • Professional Latin American network with local and global experience


Specialists in Latin American Asset Management

How we add value?

  • Latin American focus for over 25 years
  • Ability to exploit informational, analytical, and liquidity inefficiencies in Latin American capital markets
  • Deep small cap equity and high yield credit expertise
  • Security selection drives Alpha generation
    • Bottom up, original and on-the-ground-research
    • Top down views to frame risk
  • High conviction, concentrated portfolios and long-term approach
    • Portfolios tend to have less risk than underlying asset class
  • ESG considerations integrated into research and investment process (View Responsible Investment Policy document)

Strategies Managed by Compass Group


Latin America

  • Latin American Opportunities
  • Latin American Domestic Themes

Country – Specific

  • Mexican Equities
  • Chilean Equities
  • Argentinean Equities
  • Peruvian Equities
  • Brazilian Equities


Latin America

  • Latin American Corporate Debt
  • Latin American High Yield
  • Latin American Investment Grade

Country – Specific

  • Mexican Fixed Income
  • Chilean Fixed Income
  • Argentinean Fixed Income
  • Brazilian Fixed Income

Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments

  • Latin American Private Credit Opportunities
  • Peruvian Private Credit

Real Estate Development

  • Peruvian Development
  • Uruguayan Development
  • Mexican Development
  • Chilean Development
  • Colombian Development
The Investment Manager aims to achieve investors’ financial objectives while incorporating sustainability into the investment process. The Investment Manager defines sustainability as the ability to leverage the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors of business practices seeking to generate opportunities and mitigate ESG risks that contribute to the long-term performance of issuers. The Investment Manager believes that consideration of these factors and these risks will deliver better informed investment decisions. The analysis of ESG factors and risks can include many different aspects, such as the following among others: the carbon footprint, health and well-being, human rights, supply chain management, fair customer treatment and governance and the degree of deepness and consideration of such factors and risks may vary from one product to another. Please contact us for further information in this respect.



Integrated advisory services to private wealth clients and family offices

How we add value?

  • An institutional firm serving Latin American private clients
  • Service highly focused on specific customer needs
  • Partners are fully involved in the business
  • Open architecture, providing access to the best vehicles to design investment solutions
  • Research teams based in New York and Latin America doing asset allocation, manager selection, performance monitoring and risk control

Discretionary Advisory

  • Investment mandate according to each client’s risk/return profile
  • Active management of local and international component, and instrument selection
  • Our independence allows us to find the best investment managers available

Non – Discretionary Advisory

  • Global Brokerage Services providing access to sophisticated investment ideas and excellent execution of transactions
  • Open architecture allows access to vast pricing sources, products and instruments in all markets
  • Vast access to our “Investment Intelligence”: Strategists, Portfolio Managers and Analysts

Integral Advisory of Consolidated Portfolios

  • Multi Family Office Services
  • Consolidation of Portfolios in custody by different institutions
  • Efficient management and multiple investment portfolios monitoring
  • Centralization of family management administration


Advisory to institutional and intermediary clients, providing access to world-class managers

How we add value?

  • Largest placement agent in Latin America with over USD 24b in assets under distribution*
  • Leading position in distribution to Latin American financial advisors and intermediaries
  • Advice on global asset allocation through TAACo (Tactical Asset Allocation Committee) and use of fund selection tools
  • Deep knowledge of the regulatory framework and active participation in the development and evolution of capital markets in Latin America
  • Only point of contact for customers to access our intelligence and products and the “Investment Intelligence” of managers
          *(Data as of December 31, 2020)